Sunday, March 21, 2010

Commissioned Coffee Table

Ok everyone! Fresh off of the finish of my Walnut Media Cabinet build:

I have gotten started on a commissioned piece which is a replica of a mahogany coffee table I built last year. So, All I have done thus far is to cut, to rough length, the pieces I need.

Here I am doing the "slap test" where you cut about an inch off of the end and slap it on the ground and if it breaks, you take another inch....this checks for potential fail points in the wood. This particular piece is 12/4 so I can only make it so far with the Skill saw then I have to hand saw the last little bit

Here are all the rough cut pieces laid out. The top (closest to the bottom) will be resawn. The legs are 12/4x9" and the aprons are 12/4x9" as well and will be resawn to final dimensions.

I've made this piece before so I am familiar with it, but still need to be careful. The finish this time will be different as well, per the customer request, so you may seem some questions about that.

So next I think I will rough cut the legs and work on laying those out. I will also begin to mill the top.

Stay tuned! I have been in the play-by-play before and already finished one piece! WHO'S BETTER THAN ME?! ok, I know at least one person :D


  1. Hello. Speaking of mahogany.... I just posted to the LumberJocks forum:
    I have some mahogany that is just too light in color - it's basically peachy or pinkish. It almost has a gold color to it.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to bring out the mahogany-ness in it?

  2. The stock looks great. Please post some pics of the finished product. Have you put any thought into how to finish the piece?