Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More work on the Media Cabinet

So for the last couple of days I have been working on milling more wood for the base. I really need to get the base right or the whole thing is going to be off. Also, as usual, I've made a slight design change. In the stock picture, the base is flush with the rails and posts. I liked this, but it was going to be trickier than I wanted it to be. Also, I'm using solid wood, not plywood, so this would be an issue with wood movement. So, I've decided to change it to set on top, like a table top, with a 3/4-1" overlap on three sides (not the back). This solves my wood movement problem (sort of) but will also dress it up a bit; I'm going to use a classic ogee profile on it. So, with that, I've done all my mortise and tenon joints for the base rails.
From MediaCabinet

Here it is all dry fit.
From MediaCabinet

I have not glued it together yet as I want to add two cross braces about a third of the way in from each side. This will give me better support and also give me another place to screw the base into the bottom with slots for wood movement.

Next I milled up the 4/4 lumber that is going to be used for the base.
From MediaCabinet

And here they are LOOSELY dry fit to the bottom.
From MediaCabinet

I still need to cut them to exact length and glue them together. I'm not in a huge hurry for that as I had to order the router bit I need for the profile so it won't be here for a while. But I think what I will start on next are the two main vertical support in the center of the cabinet, as well as the outside verticals. I'm not completely sure how I want to attach these to the base, but I am leaning toward mortise and tenon here as well; input welcome on that one.

Well, back to the jointer and planer...

Be Safe!

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  1. This is a pretty good explanation and tutorial.Yu are doing a very good job with the wood...nice style.