Saturday, January 9, 2010

Media Cabinet Progress - Working upward

So I am continuing to make progress on the base; I know it seems like it is taking forever to finish the base, but if it is not done right, the whole piece will be off. So, in order to begin the glue up, I wanted to add some shape to the legs/feet of the base. I've always done a straight taper in the past so I wanted something a bit different this time, nothing to dramatic so I came up with a simple little bend.
From MediaCabinet

So with that, I went off to the band saw and cut all four feet.
From MediaCabinet

I then used my oscillating spindle sander to smooth them out. After that was done, I began to glue up the rails to the legs, starting with the short rails on the ends. After those dry overnight, I will then glue the main rails as well as the mid stretchers.

Now I am turning my attention to the four main upright partitions. There are on the outside that don't extend the whole depth of the cabinet and then two in the middle that do. I will start with the outside partitions first. Again, all solid wood, no plywood so I have to start milling up the pieces I need.
From MediaCabinet

Once I mill it up, I start to glue it together piece by piece.
From MediaCabinet

Now, some of these glue ups will require 4 or 5 pieces of wood. It takes a lot longer, but I only glue two pieces together at a time and not all 4 or 5. The reason I do this is it makes it more manageable. Instead of having to align 2 or 3 glue joints, I can focus on one and make sure it is nice and smooth. Plus, having several clamps (you can never have too many!) I can actually do several glue ups at one time. So, for a panel that requires 4 pieces, I do two glue ups, two boards each, and when they are done I come back and glue those two together for my full panel. I just think it makes the process way more manageable...but that's just me. So, while this is all drying, I'm going to start to layout and process for the two outside doors...

Be Safe!

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