Monday, January 4, 2010

Media Cabinet has steps

Have to crawl before you can walk and walk before you run and that is how my projects get started. I am preparing to build a media cabinet for my house based on a Pottery Barn design.
From MediaCabinet

The first thing I had to do was get some measurements, which Pottery Barn provides, and then guesstimate how much wood I was going to need. I am not using any plywood, all solid wood, so I will be compensating for wood movement as I go. So, with that, I have procured what I hope to be all the wood I need, but I will probably need more.
From MediaCabinet
From MediaCabinet

The lumber is made up of 12/4, 8/4 and 4/4. The 12/4 will be for the legs and the top (resawn) and the 8/4 will be for book matched doors, rails and stiles and other parts and the 4/4 will be for just about everything else.

So, for the baby steps, it begins with deciding what to use where, which I've started to do, as well as mill the lumber. Here you can see some of the 12/4 milled for the legs; these will be cut in half to form two legs, four total and a leg in the middle for center support.
From MediaCabinet

Next I needed to resaw some 8/4 to make the rails for the base; I'm building the bottom platform before anything else as everything will be based on this dimension. So here I am setup for for the resaw.
From MediaCabinet

And a shot after it has been cut.
From MediaCabinet

This, roughly 6', section will give me all four rails I need for the bottom; two about 57" and two about 18". Next will be milling them to final size and laying out and cutting the tenons. Once I cut the tenons, I will layout for the mortises and begin to fit dry fit everything and move to the next stage. More to come...

Be Safe!

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  1. From the baby steps to the end of it...I really think you have done a fabulous job as I can see.