Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woodworking Block....

So I'm in the middle of woodworking writer's block, but for woodworking. I have not built anything since I made that mahogany coffee table. I don't know if it's a lack of creativity, or lack of motivation; I'm thinking motivation at this point. I have a few projects I would like to complete for the shop, but haven't started. I'm thinking I will start there, but it isn't anything "exciting". I've also thought about making some small boxes or something like that, but don't feel the "creative juices" flowing on that; no good box ideas.

Do, when you have a woodworking slump, what do you do to break the slump? What projects get you back in the woodworking groove? I could use some ideas!

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  1. Suffering the woodworking doldrums are you? We all experience it, i know i have underwent a time here recently whereby i haven't entered my shop in over 3 weeks.

    Call it burn out or motivation loss, probably a consolidation of both. so you are certainly not alone.

    But i have discovered that sometimes i feel as if i have simply lost love for my passion and then begin to wonder, "Why would i lose my passion?"

    But after a short lull period, i enter the mood again shortly thereafter. It is when this has occurred to me over the course of a couple of times that i re-enter my woodshop with a new zeal, a new ignited passion and i actually end up producing some very unique pieces.

    I guess it can be likened to the seasons that any flowering tree would go through as it settles in to bear the harsh cold winters but after a short season, life is springing forth once more.

    This season affects our woodworking as well, sad but true, but it is this cycle that produces in us a zeal and newness that couldn't be produced otherwise in the arena of woodworking and the creative inceptions that occur.

    I guess just let it run it's course...LOL

    Take care,
    Chris - hailing from Eastern North Carolina