Friday, June 5, 2009

T-Chisel changes site

So just a couple days ago I posted about Tommy's new Grand Slam site; well today I get an update that the main site has now been changed as well. Tommy has moved to

It's not completely done, but the forum is up at so be sure to drop in and check that out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grand Slam Tools!

I dropped over to T-Chisel's website today and stopped in the forum and noticed some talk about Grand Slam Tools; it appears to be a set of layout tools that Tommy has been making and selling either as a pack or individually. Check them out here:

If you know Tommy, you know he is from the Boston area and is a huge Red Sox fan (too bad for him actually), but one look at these tools and you understand where his inspiration for tools came from. I really dig the Major League inspired logo! You've got to love the t-shirts as well "Major League Woodworking; way cool. Tommy, if you read this, you need a t-shirt that says "who's better than me?"!! That would be a huge seller for you!

So, check out Grand Slam Tools and then jump over to the forum and let him know what you think!